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The Municipality of Vallehermoso has a set of ten beaches with different shaping depending on the side of the island where they are placed. They are usually beaches with a relative powerful swell and many of them are not suitable for bathing along the year. However, they share one feature that characterizes them and it is undoubtedly their natural settlements, the cleanliness of their waters and the privacy that affords the abrupt relief that surrounds them.

The beaches located in the north of the Municipality have a greater powerful swell and currents than those ones located in the south. These last beaches are located in the quiet areas, that is, places where the tides are usually calm and there is a great amount of sunny days along the year.

Only the beaches in Vallehermoso, Alojera, la Rajita and Argaga have an easy access and are provided with certain facilities, whereas we can only get to the rest of them on foot. These beaches are far from any human activity. There are several coves and beaches, above all in the summer time, where to spend a day is an incredible experience if the sea is calm.


La Rajita.

It is located in the southwest of the island with a good access through a paved road that communicates with the” Barrio de La Dama”. It worked like a little fishing port linked to a fish factory placed in the mouth of the ravine. That pier is also suitable for bathing. It is a beach with quiet waters and sunny days along the year. The beach is not very visited so it is very peaceful. It is 300 meters long with “callaos” (very little stones) and black sand. There is a little bar or “chiringuito” next to the beach.La Rajita.






It is an intimate beach, 300 meters long and very near to the center of the village of Valle Gran Rey. It has black sand and “callaos” or “bolos” (very little stones) as well as very quiet waters. It is suitable for bathing the whole year. There is a garden of tropical fruits and a tourist accommodation near. It has become one of the nudist beaches of the island. We can get there on foot through a track which is next to the port of Vueltas in Valle Gran Rey.




The beach sand is abundant, above all in the summer months. It is located in the western area of the Municipality and it has a very easy access through a paved road. There is a little dock next to the beach as well as second homes that belong to neighbors from Vallehermoso, touristic apartments and a restaurant. It is usually a quiet beach and also suitable for bathing with many sunny days along the year. Besides, it is more than 200 meters long and it has rich sea beds.




Puerto del Trigo.

This is an amazing cove of about 250 meters and far from the population. We can get to it only on foot through a trail that is 20 minutes walk away from the village of Alojera. The little beach has stones and it is full of sand and sunny many days of the year. The so called Playa del Trigo is an isolated and unspoilt area. The swell can be moderate some days of the year so it is advisable to be careful when bathing as it is an isolated beach.




Playa del Remo

A wide beach that is usually rocky and with a strong swell though some days of the year is full of sand and with quiet waters. When conditions are favorable, we could agree that it is one of the best beaches in the entire island, however we should not get less vigilant and cautious. It is not very visited by the people and it is located in the northwest of the island, very close to the cliff of Los Órganos. We can get there through a trail that communicates it with the traditional agricultural neighborhood of Arguamul. To get to the neighborhood we can go through a paved trail. There are no facilities. It is 500 meters long.



Beach of Vallehermoso.

It is located at barely 3 kilometers from the centre of Vallehermoso, in the North. It is a little beach with black sand and “callaos” (little stones). A few meters away from the beach there is a first rate facility known as “Parque Marítimo” (Maritime Park). The Castillo del Mar is close to it too. It is a reconstruction of an old store that had stopped working. It was a place for the packaging of bananas.

The beach of Vallehermoso occupies 200 meters of the coastline at the mouth of the valley. It has a medium width of 20 meters and a strong swell is usual nearly the whole year that is why you should be cautious when the tide is hard.



Beach of “La Sepultura”.

A beach located in Tamargada, at the end of the “Barranco de las Carretas”. A dirt track goes down along it. Then the access to the beach is through a path of a moderate difficulty that goes down along a steep of the cliff that surrounds the beach. It is a beach of certain dangerousness due to the swell but the days when the tide is soft it has a great amount of sand along the beach, with clean and crystal waters as well as good waves to practice surf and body board. You should be cautious with the current. Besides, this beach is not very frequented by the people so you can enjoy an unforgettable day in the beach in the summer months 




Beautiful beach located in the South of Vallehermoso. It is usually accessible through the sea or a trail that connects it with the neighborhood of La Dama. Iguala is considered as one of the best beaches in the island by the local population. In summer months it is usually full of sand and it is suitable for bathing nearly the whole year thanks to the softness of the tide and because there is a  high percentage of sunny days.

It is 200 meters long and it takes an hour approximately to get there on foot from La Dama. From Valle Gran Rey or La Dama you can get to the beach by Kayak or by ship. Besides in the surroundings it is frequent to find groups of little cetaceans like “calderones” (the long-finned pilot whale) or dolphins.