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Vallehermoso has an enormous network of adequate places for watching their different landscapes. It is usual to find different places along the ways and roads suitable for watching the beautiful views of the different environmental and cultural surroundings in the Municipality.

They are generally located very close to the roads to let the drivers stop and enjoy beautiful panoramic views. They are usually signposted and suitable for stopping.

At the same time there are tens of strategic places that represent a natural viewpoint themselves. We will find them while we are walking along some of the trails, many times we find the suddenly when there is a clear space in the forest or when we get to the top of a route.

We can highlight the viewpoints placed in the National Park of Garajonay, for example the one in “Igualero” with a view to the “Fortaleza de Chipude” and the “Barranco de Erque”, Vallehermoso’s viewpoint, placed in the” Raso del Quebradón” with a view to the basin and the Juniper trees or the “Risquillos de Corvo ’ viewpoint above The” Meseta” and ”Macayo”. However there is a remarkable viewpoint inside the limits of the Municipality, it is no doubt the one in “El Alto del Garajonay”, with a panoramic view of nearly all the island. Besides, Vallehermoso has other viewpoints like “El Almendralillo” at the entrance of the village, “Punta de Alcalá” in “Chijeré” and” La Pilarica” and “Roque Blanco”, in the north area.

There are also more facilities like these ones on the western side that are located on large slopes towards the area of “Alojera”,” Valle Gran Rey” and the Barranco de Argaga.