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The Marine Park is located on the beach of Vallehermoso. It is an infrastructure integrated into the landscape, with stepped platforms that leave the building hidden, avoiding the loss of vision towards the sea.

It has a cafe, shop, parking and a large terrace. Other services are located in the lower part: the dining room, dressing rooms and storage. The rest of the platform is used as a swimming pool and solarium. Together with the pools, the operability of the restaurant should be a reason to visit the beach of Vallehermoso, due to its attractive architecture and availability of beautiful views and wide terraces.

It is open during the summer and there is free access, however the bar-café remains open nearly the whole year round. Sometimes it is used for the performance of musical events. It is located abouta five minute drive and thirty on foot from the centre of Vallehermoso. It is advisable to walk along the dirt track and the path that runs through the “Barranco” of Vallehermoso better than walking along the main road, starting in the place known as The “Vegueta” and ends at the shelter of “Lomo del Barro”.

It was inaugurated in 1999 and it offers an architectural solution that adapt completely to the topographic features of the place, making stepped platforms that leave the building hidden avoiding the loss of vision towards from the sea. The access to the different platforms is by ramps and stairs. All the outer covers of the building are exposed stone walls.